How Bitcoin Exchange Work?

how bitcoin exchange works

Bitcoin exchange is a very important thing in buying and selling Bitcoin. Bitcoin exchange itself is a digital marketplace occupied by traders who can buy and sell their Bitcoins using different fiat currencies or altcoins. This Bitcoin exchange is in the form of an online platform whose job is to act as a third party or intermediary between the seller and the buyer, or it can be said as a marketplace . The services on Bitcoin exchanges are generally for selling, buying, storing and transferring crypto assets. As in conventional stock exchanges, in this Bitcoin exchange , buyers and sellers can choose which products they will submit transactions to. Merchants … Read more

5 Best Software for Mining Bitcoin

5 Best Software for Mining Bitcoin

On this occasion, we will share recommendations for the 5 best mining bitcoin software. Crypto mining is currently being carried out, especially in North American countries such as Canada and the United States. For those of you who want to do Bitcoin mining, here are the 5 best mining software for you.  1. CGMiner Many crypto communities rate CGMiner as the best Bitcoin mining software on the market because it is versatile. CGMiner is an open source software based and written in C language. It can run on Mac, Windows, and Linux Operating Systems. CGMiner is also compatible with three types of mining … Read more

Causes of the Bitcoin Revolution

Bitcoin Revolution

Bitcoin is the name of the best and most popular cryptocurrency ( Cryptocurrency) today, just like the Euro for countries in Europe. But unlike the Euro and US Dollar which are in the form of paper money / coins, Bitcoin is digital (without physical form) and decentralized (not related to third parties eg banks). It only exists in the digital world and is in the form of computer code. What is Cryptocurrency? In a simple sense, Cryptocurrency can be interpreted as Cryptocurrency . But it can also be defined as a medium of exchange for Bitcoin. It’s the same as paper or coins for fiat currency (Euro / USD). … Read more

DApps, Future or Temporary Trend?

dApps Future or Temporary Trend

Recently, the popularity of dApps as blockchain applications has received great attention from blockchain users. But is the use of dApps capable of becoming the future of decentralized application development or is it just a trend? How many applications are already installed on your mobile phone? Every time you install an application, of course there are terms conditions that you can actually read. But believe me most of us will only approve all access to these applications on our cellphones. Even though there are many applications that can take some of our personal data, such as addresses, emails, names, GPS, and can even … Read more

What is Distributed Apps (DApps) ?

Distributed Apps

We will discuss about DApps/ Distributed Apps. When we talk about an application, it is very easy to imagine the applications that exist on the gadgets that we have. Application or some of us know it as software. More specifically, the application is software with a specific purpose. Today there are tons of apps available, from mobile apps as well as on PCs or other devices. Almost all of them are centralized applications, or use a centralized server model. Then, during the current development of blockchain, crypto currency users began to talk about Decentralization Apps. Difference Between Distributed, Decentralized and Centralized … Read more

4 Tips for Safe Investment Cryptocurrency

Safe Investment Cryptocurrency

In modern times, the cryptocurrency assets a debate among investors, even attracted the attention of young children. For those who are new to this, they will definitely find out how to invest in crypto as a new payment system. Research shows most people often hear about what crypto is but don’t fully understand. Quoting the Kaspersky page , in short, cryptocurrency is a digital payment system that does not rely on banks to verify transactions. It is a peer-to-peer system that allows anyone and anywhere to send and receive payments. Here are four safe tips for investing in cryptocurrency. 1. Research exchange The first step you have to do is make sure … Read more