How Important is Digital Data Security? Recognize the Role Now!

When using devices such as laptops, computers, smartphones, and various other digital products, data is definitely the main focus. Be it personal data, group data, even company data. So that the data is not stolen and misused by other irresponsible parties, then you have to get to know and learn more about data security.

We all know that data security is a crucial thing that is really needed in today’s digital world, because you will always be stalked by cybercriminals. Of course you don’t want that to happen right? If you don’t want that to happen then you better understand what data security is. Before starting, you better understand in advance about data. Come on, listen to the end so you understand even more!

What is Data?

Data is a collection of several characters consisting of sentences, symbols, numbers, words, etc. which have qualitative and quantitative values ​​so that further processing can be carried out. For example, from the word DATA which consists of 4 characters that have meaning. What can be considered as data?

For example, when you operate a laptop, computer, smartphone, or other digital device, it must contain photos, videos, files, and documents. Now that’s what is called data. You need to remember that you can’t give data to anyone for free, OK? It could be that the data is sensitive and contains personal information. So be even more careful in storing and processing data.

What is Data Security?

Do you know what the data means? Now we move on to the next discussion regarding data security. Data security  or data security is a process and procedure that is equipped with technological support that aims to secure data from unwanted actions such as data piracy, modification, data loss, data damage, to data spread by other parties. In essence, data security is an effort made to protect data from illegal access stored in databases, servers, websites, or computers.

From some of the explanations above, we can conclude together that data security is the key to a good system. All activities carried out using the internet must be supported by good data security! Such as transaction activities on mobile banking, marketplaces, and also payments using e-wallets. Let’s take a simple example when you give your friend the password for the cellphone or laptop that you have. Maybe he can do some activities that harm data and also disturb privacy such as sending messages, deleting photos, taking videos, and many more. From this case example, the password is one of the efforts to secure the data that you have applied.

Why is Data Security Important

Why is Data Security Important?

Data security is one of the criminal acts whose numbers are currently increasing along with advances in technology. In theory, there are three things that must exist in data security, namely confidentiality, availability, and integrity. So when choosing to use an internet service, make sure it has a good level of security. Here are several reasons why securing data is important.

1. Reducing the occurrence of crime

Crime can not only occur in the real world, but even in cyberspace you will not escape the target of crime. Crime here is an activity that harms other parties such as stolen data and then disseminated with a specific purpose. When someone already knows the location of where they live, daily activities carried out, social media, and cellphone numbers are known, it will be easy to commit crimes such as kidnapping and even premeditated murder. So be careful in protecting your data if you don’t want to experience criminal acts.

2. Prevent material losses 

Data security is a mandatory thing that should not be missed because you can also feel material losses if you neglect it. If you have ever received a message or call trying to obtain your personal data such as addresses, account pins, and parents’ names, don’t just believe it because that is a mode of theft that is rife with the aim of draining your account.

Apart from that, there are also cases where on behalf of family members who are in danger and ask for large funds with various coercion, if you have ever received a call like that then you can be sure that you are being tricked by fraudsters. Therefore data security can prevent material losses like the example above.

3. Reducing opportunities for data abuse

Have you ever seen a photo of your ID and social number freely circulating on the internet? Yups, it could be that it is a victim of the party spreading information about the victim.  Do you know what one of them is?

Yes, that’s right, online loans. You can get this online loan with the condition that you have to provide a photo of your ID. So it could be that if you have never made an online loan but you get a billing message, then it could be that someone is using your data to make an online loan. Apart from that, your data can also be sold at fantastic prices too. Wow, that’s terrible! So data security is a protection that must be implemented.

Those are some reasons why data security is quite important for you to pay attention to. How? Are you still neglecting the security of data? Then what are the examples of digital data security that can be applied? Consider the following examples of digital data security.

Data Security Implementation Examples

4+ Data Security Examples

Here is an example of digital data security that you can use.

1. Encryption

The first example of digital data security is encryption. Encryption is a process that is used to scramble and transform data into text that ordinary people cannot understand. The text will be scrambled using an algorithm and also a key. So if you want to open the text or data then you need a key or key that not just anyone can have. this example of digital data security is widely implemented by large companies as well as companies that provide chat services, buying and selling activities, and banking. The main goal is clear to protect data so that it cannot be accessed by other people carelessly.

2. Firewall

the next example of digital data security is a firewall. The term firewall is familiar to you computer users because almost all computer users use a firewall. A firewall is a system used to monitor all incoming and outgoing access from the internet network which will certainly protect computers from virus attacks, spam, block content that you don’t want, and also protect data from hacker attacks. You can apply this example of digital data security on your computer or laptop!

3. Secure Socket  Layer

Secure Socket Layer or commonly known as SSL is an example of digital data security applied to websites. SSL is a security protocol used to secure thousands of transactions that occur by establishing a secure and encrypted connection that occurs between the client and the web server. Website security using SSL  is an example of digital data security which aims to protect the sending and receiving of sensitive data such as credit card numbers, usernames, passwords, and personal and corporate information.

4. Anti virus

Are you familiar with antivirus? If you are not familiar with antivirus, then you must have imagined from the name that antivirus is a software that was created to ward off viruses and increase data security on a device. You can use this antivirus automatically after it’s installed and is able to detect viruses that are trying to infect your computer. Just like a firewall, antivirus is an example of digital data security that you can install on your device.

5. Authentication

Authentication is the most frequently used example of digital data security. The way it works is to match the credentials entered by the customer with the data stored in the database. Examples of authentication that occur are system login processes that require usernames and passwords, pins to enter the system, tokens, or biometrics.

How to Implement Data Security

How to Implement Data Security?

Having discussed security in data further, it’s time for you to know how to implement it. You don’t need to be confused anymore because matob will invite you to discuss it. Come on, see the following explanation so that your data is always safe!

1. Use  Two Factor Authentication (2FA)

Two Factor Authentication is one of the efforts to secure data by incorporating layered authentication. For example, when you activate 2FA on your Instagram account, you are required to log in using your username and password. If it is successful, you are asked to enter the code that was sent via SMS or email.

2. Use a VPN

VPN or Virtual Private Network is  a service that allows its users to access websites or surf the internet with an anonymous and certainly safe identity. There are several reasons why you should use a VPN for data security, such as maintaining network security when using public wifi, hiding geographic locations, and also encrypting every activity you do.

3. Take advantage of password managers

Password manager is an application created to accommodate multiple passwords. If you use this application, it means you don’t need to hesitate anymore to create a password that is unique and hard to guess, because you can enter the password in the password manager to avoid forgetting your password. With a unique password, data security will automatically increase.

4. Use incognito mode

Do you often use incognito mode when accessing the browser? So if you use this incognito mode, all history data will be automatically deleted and leave no traces.

It turns out that data security is very important, right!

Data security is an important factor that you must pay attention to and consider when using the internet and utilizing digital devices. The reason is because criminal acts can also originate from the internet, such as data theft, data destruction, data distribution, and even data deletion.

If you don’t want to become a victim of cyber crime then you better increase data security on every device you have. There are many examples of digital data security that you can apply, namely the use of firewalls, anti-virus, SSL, and authentication. Actually, data security is quite easy to implement but has a big impact. So don’t underestimate data security