How to Install Dual Channel RAM Correctly

in this article, we will explain about How to Install Dual Channel RAM completely so hopefully will provide an in -depth understanding for you.

What is RAM?

RAM or in full is Random Access Memory alias Memory that Accesses Randomly and is also often referred to by the name Memory only, is hardware that allows information to be stored and retrieved on a computer device.

RAM function

RAM is needed to help and speed up computer performance in most of the processes that are carried out, where the greater the RAM capacity, the better the performance of your computer, PC, laptop, or cellphone.

If the computer does not have enough RAM to run the operating system and the software programs it uses, it will result in slower performance.

The most important function of RAM is, the more RAM a computer has, the more information and software it can load and process quickly at the same time.

What is Dual Channel RAM?

Dual-channel RAM is one version of multi-channel memory. All versions of multi-channel RAM will be able to increase data transfer rates by adding more communication channels between the memory and the memory controller.

In addition to dual channels, several other types of RAM channels are single channel, triple channel (three channels), quad channel (four channels) and there are even motherboards that can handle up to six to eight channels.

For dual-channel architecture, manufacturers initially combined two 64-bit buses into a single 128-bit bus, which was then called the ganged model. However, it was found that the performance improvement was not enough.

Manufacturers eventually discovered that two independent buses would be able to increase performance even more, so the ungged model is usually set by default on most modern processors.

To take advantage of multi-channel memory, the processor and motherboard must have a memory controller that supports multi-channel architecture.

How to Install Dual Channel RAM

In installing Dual Channel RAM, there are several steps you must take so that RAM is installed properly and two channel performance can run smoothly, which are as follows:

1. Make sure the pair of RAM you have is Compatible

How to Install Dual Channel RAM Correctly

You have to make sure that the pair of RAM that you buy or own are compatible with each other, and indeed have dual channel specifications, because otherwise the performance will be poor and or not have much effect.

Usually it will be easier if you do buy a memory kit package that is sold in pairs from the same manufacturer such as Corsair, G.SKILL, Kingston, V-GEN, and so on.

2. See the Color of the RAM Slots on the Motherboard

ram slot on motherboard

Next, look at the color of the RAM slots on the Motherboard , as in the Intel Motherboard image above, which has 4 RAM slots with a black-blue-black-blue color combination.

Install the RAM in the same color and in the motherboard example, it means that you are not installing them next to each other, but one slot apart, either in a slot that is both black or blue.

3. Install the RAM properly

how to install ram

Install the RAM correctly, namely by opening the lock/clamp first (the white one), by gently pulling outwards on both sides (which are in line with the slot), tucking the RAM until it clicks, which if done correctly will lock the /clamp will also close, then press inwards the lock/clamp.

How to know whether Dual Channel RAM is working properly or not

If you want to know whether your RAM already has dual channel technology (or more) or not, you can install CPU -Z which can be downloaded here:

CPU-Z  for Windows / PC

Later after it is installed, please open the application then select the Memory tab  then in the column titled Channels #  you can see if your RAM only supports Single, Dual, or more.

This method can also be used to see if the pair of RAM that you have used has applied the dual channel function or not, and even using CPU -Z you can see the specifications of other hardware such as Processor and Motherboard .