What is BIOS on Computer? Definition, Function, & Facts

What is BIOS on Computer

You often hear this term but don’t really know what BIOS is? If you are a regular user of laptops and PCs, you must have seen them often. Because, all PCs choose the BIOS that is embedded in them from the factory, funds will appear when you turn on the PC from the shutdown position. For beginners, the BIOS is only known as a tool to manage booting on a PC. In fact, the BIOS has a very important role in every operation of your PC. Even guys, a PC can’t run without a BIOS. So, what exactly is BIOS? This time Matob will … Read more

How to Find Out the Motherboard Model on a Windows PC/Laptop

Find Out the Motherboard Model on Windows Computer

The motherboard (mainboard) is the main foundation of the computer unit that controls all the functions of the computer system. Motherboard is a circuit board (Printed Circuit Board | PCB) that accommodates many computer components such as CPU, memory , graphics card , sound card , video card, network card and so on. On the motherboard, all computer components are placed, connected to each other and communicate through slots, connectors or sockets. In PCs, the motherboard is attached to the side of the case via small screws. The motherboard has ports for connecting all internal components, a socket for the CPU and one or more card slots for video … Read more

What is the function of the motherboard?

What is the function of the motherboard

In the following, Matob News will explain what the Motherboard Function is in full so that it is hoped that it will provide an in-depth understanding for you. Motherboard Functions The motherboard is the main circuit board of a computer, and the following are the other components built into it: Input/output ports Peripheral connection PCI expansion slot Bus and power connector Heat sink and mounting points for fans and key components, including optional central processing unit (CPU) and coprocessor Support chipset for CPU, bus and external components BIOS Memory sockets for RAM, ROM and cache Interconnect circuit This motherboard is also … Read more

How to Install Dual Channel RAM Correctly

How to Install Dual Channel RAM Correctly

in this article, we will explain about How to Install Dual Channel RAM completely so hopefully will provide an in -depth understanding for you. What is RAM? RAM or in full is Random Access Memory alias Memory that Accesses Randomly and is also often referred to by the name Memory only, is hardware that allows information to be stored and retrieved on a computer device. RAM function RAM is needed to help and speed up computer performance in most of the processes that are carried out, where the greater the RAM capacity, the better the performance of your computer, PC, laptop, or cellphone. If the … Read more

What is the function of the PCI Express slot on the motherboard?

What is the function of the PCI Express slot on the motherboard?

In the following we will explain about what is the function of the PCI Express Slot on the Motherboard in full so it is hoped that it will provide a deep understanding for you. PCI Express Slot Function Peripheral Component Interconnect Express, better known as PCI Express (and abbreviated as PCIe or PCI-E) and has become a standard on modern motherboards as interfaces with computer expansion cards. PCI-E is used as a connection device to the motherboard and also as an expansion card interface. The new standard for personal computers is called PCIe 3.0 which is an improvement over its predecessor by using a new … Read more