10 Best Photo Editing Apps for Instagram You Must Try

Best Photo Editing Apps for Instagram

On Instagram, visual quality is everything. If you post mediocre photos, of course no one will be interested. It could be that the photo you post is just a display in the feed . Though you definitely want your photos to look good, right? Yes, really. Aesthetic photos can get you more likes and comments. In fact, you can add followers too. Well, the good news is that it’s not that hard to take aesthetic photos! Out there, there are many photo editing applications that can make the photos on your Instagram account even more shiny . There are so many, you might be confused which one to choose. But don’t … Read more

There is a bug in the Twitter Fleet feature, posts can be watched even though it’s been 24 hours

There is a bug in the Twitter Fleet feature, posts can be watched even though it's been 24 hours

Twitter has experienced a bug in the Fleets feature which can be downloaded and played again even though it is no longer live in the application. Twitter has a new feature called Fleets which is similar to Instagram Stories. The way it works is also more or less the same, if it is used, other users will be able to see it in just 24 hours. However, recently there was a bug discovered by one of the users. Maybe this is a common thing with new features, so it needs to be fixed so that it gets better. This bug … Read more

Twitter Releases an Instagram Stories-like Feature Called Fleets

twitter fleet

Twitter officially launched its new feature called Fleets globally. This feature that has been tested since early 2020 has the same functionality and appearance as Instagram Stories, Facebook Story and WhatsApp Status. Fleets are similar to the three story features in that the upload will automatically disappear after being posted for 24 hours. This feature is placed at the top of the Twitter timeline , it looks like a bubble like IG Stories. In a statement on the official Twitter blog, Twitter Design Director Joshua Harris said that the Fleets was launched with the hope of helping users express opinions … Read more

US Agrees to Delay TikTok App Acquisition by 15 Days

US Agrees to Delay TikTok App Acquisition by 15 Days

The United States (US) government approved ByteDance’s request to extend the divestment deadline TikTok, the sale and purchase of the company will be completed in 15 days. The US Foreign Investment Committee (CFIUS) granted an extension of 15 days to “give parties and committee additional time to resolve matters in a manner consistent with the Order”. US President Donald Trump on August 14 ordered ByteDance to take off TikTok within 90 days. Then TikTok filed a petition with the Court of Appeal for the District of Columbia, appealing the divestment order. One of the problems that arise as a result … Read more