Why Do Developers Prefer Python Over Java?

To build powerful complex applications, Developers need to use a progressive programming language. Java and Python have stood among the most popular and convenient coding languages ​​for software development over the past few years. They remain a favorite among developers due to their flexibility, productivity and high usage of automation tools. However, there are several things that make Python more popular than Java.

In this article, we will analyze the advantages and disadvantages of each programming language. Then we will determine why developers prefer Python over Java and JavaScript .

Reasons Developers Prefer Python than Java


Python involves type checking during runtime, which makes it dynamically typed. Java is a statistically typed language, which requires type checking during compile time. Python is considered to be more adaptable and can minimize the time to run scripts, but some problems can occur during the run time. For this reason, some developers hate Python and prefer Java.


It’s easier to manage text files in Python than in Java. Python is shorter and less challenging, while Java tends to be more wordized. However, Java is trying to improve its accuracy. A new resource was introduced in the last few releases, but it remains the encryption language of Prolix. Python runs scripts from start to finish, whereas Java requires at least one starting point.


Due to the optimization and use of the JVM , Java can end up being faster than Python. The timely compilation of all makes for an increase in performance. So it is better for developers to choose what programming language according to the level of difficulty and project goals. Although Java offers faster performance, Python is best for developing legacy systems.

Developer community support

Python has a wide and friendly developer community that deals with building a large number of applications. If a junior programmer has a particular problem, they can easily ask a more experienced programmer for help. Some common coding issues regarding slow interpretation or the ability to detect errors can be corrected more quickly.

So all you need as a beginner developer is just posting a question. In addition, you can also search for answers on the Python developer community site.

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