How to Choose the Right Computer: Tips and Tricks for Making the Right Decision

Buying the right computer is one thing we need to do when we are focused on learning computers. Not only that, having a computer is also a step that we must take when the computer has become part of our daily work. Then how to choose a computer for our needs so that it fits and really fits what we need? This time we want to share some tips on buying a new or used computer, PC or laptop computer.

No matter how much we need a computer, for whatever it is, we certainly don’t want to be disappointed with our choices. Especially when the budget we spend on it is not so much. Of course we want to buy a computer that fits our needs and also our budget. How to sort them out? Some of the options for buying a computer from us are hopefully able to help you.

Things to Look For When Buying a Computer

Buying a computer

1. See Your Needs

Actually, we don’t only use this option when buying a computer, but any items we want to buy should be adjusted to our needs. Everyone has different needs when it comes to using a computer. For those of you who work in the field of graphic design, video editing, of course you will not need the same computer as a novelist or blogger.

Well, therefore the first option so that you can maximize your goal in buying a computer is to adjust it to your needs. What do you want to do with your computer. Is it just to make an article? Is it for design? or other ?

From this first option, I’m sure you can determine which computer you will buy. Of course this is related to the specifications of the computer itself. And specifications will directly determine the price of a computer. If you only need a computer for writing, you shouldn’t buy a computer with graphic design specifications that are quite expensive. And vice versa.

2. Choose PC or Laptop

The next computer buying tip is choosing what type of computer is right for you. We also need to ask ourselves this. Are you just going to work or use the computer at home? Or you also want to be able to work with a computer anywhere and anytime?

If you are someone who has the type of being easy to work anywhere, it is better for you to choose a laptop or notebook so you can adjust where you will be easy to work. But if you prefer to work at home or in your room, and don’t want to work outside, you might be better off just using a PC.

PC and laptop computers have their own advantages and disadvantages. So to choose it, you also need to consider other things, such as price. PC computers with standard specifications can be cheaper if we compare them with laptops, even though the specifications are the same. Well, you also need to consider this when your budget is not enough.

3. Computer Specifications

So, we come to the options we talked about from the start. Computer specifications are also things we need to consider in buying a computer. Previously, we discussed needs. What will you use this computer for, well this is related to the specifications. Maybe you will ask, what is the specification in question?

Specifications are usually not far from the performance or the types of computer hardware and software used. But here it is more inclined to computer hardware. Examples are the type of processor used, how much RAM and hard drive capacity, the type of VGA used. And among these several components, the type of processor is usually the one that determines the price the most.

Okay, if you are confused about determining the specifications of the computer you are going to buy, it’s easy like this. If your needs are only related to typing (Word & Excel) and some other online software, then you can simply use the standard specifications. However, if you have video, graphic, sound and other editing needs, then the standard specifications in my opinion are not enough to support your work.

4. 2nd Or New Computer

This is why you read tips on buying a computer from other people so that you can consider other opinions so that you can estimate and choose a computer that suits your needs. Okay, now choose a new or used computer? It’s easy, if you have a sufficient budget and you are lazy to deal with service, then buying a new unit is more appropriate and appropriate.

But otherwise, you need a computer just to learn the initial and basic stages – just the basics, so I suggest you to buy a 2nd computer. Because of what, firstly the budget side is lighter, secondly the needs are not too urgent, thirdly you will have more value when your computer often has problems. This will increase the ability of trouble shooting related to the computer.

5. Buy Online Or Offline

Perhaps the last, of the many tips on buying a computer, do we have to buy online or just buy at a computer dealer? This also depends on your will and also the availability of the type of computer you want. Buying online is usually done when there is no availability of goods in offline stores, prices online are much cheaper and there is a promo happening. But in my opinion, for PC/Laptop I prefer to buy offline at a computer store that you trust.

Why is that ? First, in terms of location, when we buy online, it’s certainly far outside the city, isn’t it, the goods will automatically be sent by expedition. Well, not infrequently damage can occur during shipping. Indeed, we are guaranteed a guarantee, but we will still send the goods back to the shop. It’s not that complicated, that’s why I recommend buying it offline at a trusted store near where you live.

Well, maybe these are just tips on buying a computer from us, hopefully with some of these options it can be your basic reference when buying a computer for your needs. Whatever your needs, make sure to keep an eye on the computer learning website, get lots of practical and easy computer tips and tricks. See you later, hopefully useful!