Download Epson L120 Resetter for Free (2023 Latest)

Download Epson L120 Resetter for Free (2023 Latest) - Matob EN

Epson is one of the world’s leading printer brands, which until now still continues to exist developing printer series with the latest innovations. All types of printers developed by Epson are famous for their high level of print capabilities, when compared to other printers. Epson offers a large selection of printers, tailored to the type …

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Download Canon iP2770 Drivers for Free (Updated 2023)

Download Canon iP2770 Drivers for Free (Updated 2023) - Matob EN

For printing photos, inkjet printers such as the Canon iP2770 are preferred over most laser printers. Inkjet printers have nozzles that compose an image from a collection of very small ink dots so that details can be presented more clearly with a wider color gamut. The richness of colors and details in photos will be …

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Download Whatsapp for Windows 32 / 64-bit (2023 Latest)

Download Whatsapp for Windows 32 / 64-bit (2023 Latest) - Matob EN

Social interaction is one of the basic human needs. There is a theory in the field of psychology published by one of his experts named Maslow, with his famous theory Maslow’s pyramid. It is explained that security is a basic human need after physical needs. We can get a sense of security by doing social …

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Download Latest Nitro PDF Reader 2023 (32 / 64-bit)

Download Latest Nitro PDF Reader 2023 (32 / 64-bit) - Matob EN

Nitro Reader is a PDF file reader and creator software for Windows. According to its developers, more than 300 file types can be converted into PDFs whose quality can be adjusted simply by selecting one of three presets. Meanwhile, in carrying out its function as a PDF reader, Nitro Reader can display documents in full …

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Download CorelDRAW X7 32 / 64-bit (Free Download)

Download CorelDRAW X7 32 / 64-bit (Free Download) - Matob EN

CorelDRAW X7 is the 17th version of CorelDRAW and was released in 2014. It’s old enough, but it’s still great for working on vector designs like stickers, logos, or even site plans. There are a number of additional retouching features accompanied by the emergence of features related to the harmonization of colors and objects. The …

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Download Game PES 2013 for PC (Free Download)

Download Game PES 2013 for PC (Free Download) - Matob EN

For those of you who like to play soccer games, especially PES, of course you are familiar with this one game. PES or which stands for Pro Evolution Soccer is indeed a very popular soccer game. This game always competes with FIFA to continue to present a game with graphics and gameplay that will make …

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Download Epson L3110 Resetter for Free (2023 Latest)

Download Epson L3110 Resetter for Free (2023 Latest) - Matob EN

Are you looking for a printer that saves ink, saves electricity consumption, and the ability to work optimally to create all types of physical and digital documents? So the printer series from Epson that we will discuss below, becomes one of the best choices to support your business needs. Epson L3110 is a printer that …

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Download Zuma Deluxe for PC (Free Download)

Download Zuma Deluxe for PC (Free Download) - Matob EN

Ever played Zuma Deluxe? There are many games that can be played both on smartphones and PCs. One of the challenging and fun games is Zuma Deluxe. This game can be played by anyone, from children to adults. So it’s no wonder that everyone wants to make Zuma Deluxe as one of their favorite games …

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Download Plants vs Zombies for PC Windows (Free Download)

Download Plants vs Zombies for PC Windows (Free Download) - Matob EN

Ever played Plants vs Zombies? Maybe some of you will answer ‘Yes’ because Plants vs Zombies was one of the most popular games at that time. This game is a game Tower Defense launched by PopCap. This game was launched for Windows and Mac devices and also its parent company Electronic Arts which is intended …

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Download Game Feeding Frenzy for PC (Free Download)

Download Game Feeding Frenzy for PC (Free Download) - Matob EN

Feeding Frenzy is a game that shows that the law of the jungle applies everywhere, including at sea. You control a fish named Andy to prey on other smaller fish while avoiding the bigger ones. While playing the game, you can also gain knowledge because at the end of each level information appears about marine …

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Download Microsoft Office 2010 32 / 64 Bit (Free Download)

Download Microsoft Office 2010 32 / 64 Bit (Free Download) - Matob EN

At this time of technological progress, causing human needs to increase, there is a relationship between technological progress and human needs. Human needs have now become easier to meet. Indirectly, there is the use of technological developments in helping meet human needs in life. As you often use Microsoft Office software, this software is very …

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Download Need for Speed Most Wanted (Free Download)

Download Need for Speed Most Wanted (Free Download) - Matob EN

When you hear Need for Speed: Most Wanted, what do you think of? Racing game with police chases? For someone who likes racing or racing games, surely this Need for Speed Most Wanted game is familiar. In fact, this game has become one of the best racing games that exist and is still being played …

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Definition of Annuity: Types, Formulas, and Examples of Calculating It!

Definition of Annuity – For some people, maybe annuity is not a general term. However, for people who have professions in finance, annuities are familiar. For those of you who may have applied for a loan at a bank, you must have heard briefly of the meaning of an annuity itself. So, based on banking theory, an annuity …

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Definition of Brand Awareness: Benchmarks, Levels, Roles, and Efforts

Brand Awareness Is – In running a business, be it a food or cosmetics business, does Sinaumeds realize that the company’s brand name and symbol greatly affect consumers’ purchasing power? Yep, many companies are competing to create a brand name as well as a symbol that is easy for people to remember. This is so that consumers realize and recognize …

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Definition of the Golgi Body: Its Functions, Characteristics and Structure

Functions of the Golgi body – One of the materials in biology is about cells. Where in this material we will get acquainted with many cells, one of which is the Golgi body cell or what is widely known as the Golgi apparatus. Simply put, the Golgi body is part of the cell nucleus or nucleus. The existence of …

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Definition of Travel Bureau: Benefits, to the Difference with Travel Agents

Travel agency – We often hear the term travel agency. Travel agency is a practical vacation solution. Vacationing or traveling is one of the favorite activities to spend free time on holidays. Many people go on trips, visiting various tourist destinations both within the city, outside the city and even abroad to relieve fatigue from their daily routine. The …

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Definition of Central Bank: History, Duties, Authorities, and Their Roles

Definition of Central Bank – In the real sense, a central bank is an institution or a financial institution that is responsible for monetary policy and creates a stable level of economic activity in a country. The central bank is an institution that is already owned by private parties in a country’s government, has responsibility for …

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Definition of Biotechnology: History, Types, and Examples of Its Application


Definition of Biotechnology – Hello, Sinaumeds friends , are you familiar with the term Biotechnology? Yep, that’s right Biotechnology has been known to humans for thousands of years. In the field of food technology, for example, we see that the production of beer, bread and cheese has been known since the 19th century, multiplication of plants to create new …

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Definition of a Broker: Duties, Responsibilities, and Types

Understanding Brokers – In investing in stocks or forex it can indeed be used as additional income or often people say passive income. However, if you want to enter the world of forex, you cannot directly make a transaction/trading. In other words, you need the help of a broker. This needs to be done because the first thing …

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Definition of Accommodation and Forms of Accommodation

Forms of Accommodation – Accommodation is a word that is quite foreign to many people’s ears, especially for those who are still in school. However, this word will become more familiar to your ears when you graduate and enter the workforce. In the world of work, accommodation is a word that appears quite often and is familiar …

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Definition of Customs: History, Policies, Duties, and Functions

Definition of Customs and Excise – An institution from trade business people to the general public certainly knows that in international trade or export or import trade of goods there will definitely be customs or the agency that regulates it is called customs. These customs have two different terms and have separate meanings. Duty is a levy …

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Definition of Accounting: Purpose, Functions, Benefits and Types – Types

Understanding of Accounting – Accounting is widely known as the “language of business”. There are many quotes about the power and importance of accounting in everyday life, such as “The pen is mightier than the sword, but not the bookkeeper” by Jonathan Grancy. This article will explain in detail what accounting is, its function in a company, …

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Definition of Collateral Assets: Strengths, Weaknesses and Examples

Definition of collateral assets – Hello Sinaumeds friends , this time we will discuss collateral assets which is a term related to finance. You may have used collateral, but you may not know the importance of collateral. In the world of finance, the term has several definitions. This time I will discuss about collateral assets related to finance and others. Discussions …

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Understanding Retail Business: Types, Purpose, and How It Works

Definition of Retail Business – We are all familiar with the term retail in the business world. But, does Sinaumeds know what retail means? What are examples of retail companies in Indonesia? For Sinaumeds who are curious and curious about this topic, this article will answer all of Sinaumeds’ curiosity about the retail business. Simply put, retail is a …

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Understanding Marginal Cost: Components and How to Calculate

Definition of marginal – In business operations, there are five types of costs that accompany the production process, namely fixed costs or fixed costs , variable costs or variable costs, total costs or total costs, average costs or average costs , marginal costs or marginal costs . Each type of cost has a different meaning, function and way of calculating. Of these various costs, the marginal …

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