10 Reasons Why You Should Leave Blogspot as Blogging Platform

11 Reasons Why You Should Leave Blogspot as Blogging Platform

In the past, people often wrote in diaries to tell their daily lives. However, since the internet access is everywhere, people have started to switch to using blogs as a substitute for diaries. But does you know what a blog is? Blog is an abbreviation of web log which means a website application in the form of writings (or posts ) on a website page. The posts on this blog are usually arranged with the most recent posts recently published. Initially, blogs were used for personal use, such as telling experiences, traveling, writing hobbies and some. But now the blog … Read more

5 Best SEO Plugins for WordPress Blogs


Search engine optimization or SEO is still one of the most effective and long-lasting methods of getting visitors, even though in practice it’s not as easy as one might imagine. For blogs with the WordPress.org platform or those who already use their own hosting , it is very important to install an SEO plugin to help implement a number of on-page techniques , for example monitoring keyword depth, distribution, position, internal links and so on. TOP 5 SEO PLUGIN FOR WORDPRESS Well, one of these 5 SEO plugins should be your choice (ranked by number of downloads). Yoast SEO Yoast … Read more

What are 301 Redirects? Here’s the explanation

What are 301 Redirects? Here's the explanation

Email forwarding is an important step in any information transfer process as it ensures you don’t lose any valuable information sent to you. The same thing can happen to your website. If you are moving a website from one URL to another, you will need to take the necessary steps to ensure your visitors are directed to the right place. In the tech world, this technique is called 301 redirects. Here, we will discuss what 301 redirects are and why you need to use them, as well as how to redirect URLs through HubSpot or WordPress. What is a 301 … Read more