Quick Ways to Learn WordPress for Beginners

If you are trying to find a way to create a website, or are looking for website creation services, you may find information about creating a website using WordPress. We will explain the Quick Ways to Learn WordPress for Beginners.

Well, for those of you who are not too familiar with IT, of course you will wonder, “What is WordPress?” Check out the explanation about WordPress below.

Reasons for Learning WordPress

Many people say WordPress is a difficult and unfriendly CMS for new users. However, this is not true. It takes time to do the installation, but when it’s ready and entered the dashboard you will find navigation that is user friendly and easy to understand. In addition you will have a large selection of plugins with sophisticated and unique features to support your productivity.

WordPress is an Open Source website creation application created by two programmers from the United States named Matt Mullenweg and Mike Little. You can create any website using WordPress, from simple websites to websites that have powerful features, without having to deal with a lot of complicated programming scripts.

Only by managing the pages, plugins, and layout, you can already create a feature-rich website.

If likened to cooking, creating a website manually with a programming script and creating a website with WordPress is like comparing cooking with raw spices and cooking using instant spices.

Reasons for Learning WordPress

There are many manual processes that you must go through when using raw herbs. You have to measure the ingredients, peel, chop until smooth before cooking.

Conversely, when cooking with instant seasonings you only need to prepare the raw ingredients & mix them with seasonings before they are ready to be enjoyed.

In the context of the results produced will be the same, even better, of course you prefer the instant method, right?

WordPress also offers effectiveness and faster processing time. In short, the process of making your website will be much easier using WordPress.

WordPress Functions & Benefits

As was discussed at the beginning of the discussion, the main function of WordPress is to help you create a website without having to have much contact with the website programming script.

By default, WordPress already has the basic components of a website such as an editor, page creation, and plugins that allow you to add special features such as online stores, pop-up banners & so on.

If usually a web developer is able to create a website manually within 30 days, you can create a website in minutes using WordPress. Interesting right? Let’s learn WordPress more.

Types of WordPress

Did you know that WordPress has 2 types, namely WordPress Hosted and Self-Hosted WordPress.

What distinguishes the two? In general, what distinguishes the two is the location of the file storage website. However, there are other things that distinguish these two types of WordPress. Here we provide a review for you.

1. WordPress Hosted


You can use the WordPress Hosted service at no cost at all and have already gotten 3GB of disk space. However, your website will be placed on the subdomain. WordPress.com.

If you use this service, all website files and images will be stored on WordPress’s server.


  • Free, does not require hosting and domain subscription fees.
  • Does not require maintenance scripts & hosting.


  • Do not have access to website scripts.
  • Limited features (no plugin available).

This service is suitable for …

  • Beginners who learn to make a basic website.
  • For those of you who don’t want to pay for hosting & domain subscriptions.
  • You create a website for non-commercial & learning purposes.

2. WordPress Self-Hosted

Quick Ways to Learn WordPress for Beginners

If you want to use WordPress Self-Hosted, you must subscribe to a hosting package and have your own domain first. After that, you can install WordPress on the hosting service that you have.

Source code for WordPress Self-Hosted can be downloaded at https://wordpress.org. Alternatively, you can also install via the auto-installer feature that is usually found in your hosting package.


  • Can install themes & plugins on the website and edit the script.
  • Have full access to website files.
  • Easier SEO optimization.


  • Must prepare a hosting & domain budget.
  • Must set the script & resolve it yourself if there are problems on the website.

This service is suitable for …

  • Beginners who want to learn to make a professional website.
  • You who want to create a website with specific features and needs.
  • You are serious about building a business online.

From the WordPress explanation above, you can make a decision on which type of WordPress is right for you to use right now viewed from theadvantages and disadvantages of each.

Advantages of WordPress Compared to Other CMS

Advantages of WordPress Compared to Other CMS

Compared to other CMS WordPress has its own advantages, including:


When compared to other CMS, the WordPress administrator page display is quite user friendly, the menus on the wordpress page are not too many but quite representative of all its functions. So that for novice users will more quickly master the use of WordPress.

Easy Installation

The WordPress installation process either manually or automatically via Softaculus is very easy. Just by filling in a few fields, your WordPress website can be installed and ready to use immediately.

Features and support for complete themes & plugins

Website like anything you can create using WordPress. Starting from the company profile website, online stores, to tour & travel websites, everything you can make easily.

There are also millions of themes and plugins that are ready to help you create a website that is rich in features.

When compared to other CMS, the number of WordPress theme & plugin developers is far greater. This means you don’t have to worry about running out of choices because everything is available!

Open Source

The nature of WordPress is Open Source. Therefore, you can modify the script to suit the needs of your website system. Because Open Source there are many programmers who develop it.

Has the Largest Community

You don’t need to worry if you have problems managing blogs or websites that use the WordPress platform because many websites write tutorials for you to learn.

Lack of WordPress Compared to Other CMS

Lack of WordPress Compared to Other CMS

Although it has many amazing advantages, WordPress also has basic disadvantages like other CMS. Here are some of them.

Open Source

Yes, you did not read wrong. In addition to strengths, the nature of Open Source on WordPress also has the potential to be a weakness. How can?

By knowing the WordPress script source code, people who have bad intentions can find weaknesses and use it as a way to hack on WordPress platform websites.

Uniform appearance

Because WordPress CMS can be downloaded easily, more and more people are using the basic look of WordPress uniformly. This sometimes becomes an obstacle for company website owners because their websites are impressed by the market or ‘less exclusive’.

But, you dont have to worry. This can still be tricked by using a WordPress plugin that allows you to modify the basic appearance of WordPress.

Update Compability

WordPress is very diligent in updating the features and security aspects of their CMS. Although this can be seen as a positive thing, apparently this can also have an adverse effect on some plugins.

Plugin developers who cannot keep up with the official WordPress updates can result in their plugins not being compatible with the latest version of WordPress.

As a result, the plugin doesn’t work as it should. In some cases this can have more severe consequences, making your website an error.


Finally, the choice is yours again. If you want to have a website with a quick creation process and easy operation, WordPress CMS is worth making your choice.

However, if you need a website with complex and specific features, it seems more appropriate if you create a custom website using PHP manual or framework. Although, of course, this can also be accommodated by WordPress CMS.

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