Commonly Used Medical Equipment Tools used by a Doctor

What are the most common tools used by a doctor? What is the name of the medical device most often used? Discussing this matter actually really depends on what kind of doctor. However, in general, the most frequently used tools are used to diagnose a patient’s disease and check the patient’s condition.

To be clearer, here is a list of the names of medical tools that doctors often use.

1. Stethoscope.

Yes, this is the equipment most doctors use. This tool serves to listen to the sounds contained in the body. Such as listening to lung suras, checking heart rate, and checking for disorders of the intestine and stomach.

Since it was first discovered in 1819, this tool has continued to be used today. Until now, this stethoscope has often undergone model changes to make it look more modern.

2. Otoscope 

Ototskop mit Ohrtrichtern.jpg

otoscope  is a tool frequently used by ENT doctors. Because this tool serves to help check the patient’s ear canal. By using this tool, the doctor can check whether the patient’s ear is infected.

3. Thermometer

thermometer is the instrument most patients recognize. The function of the tool is to measure body temperature. There are several types, such as oral and recital thermometers, digital thermometers, and ear thermometers.

4. Penlight

Medical penlight or flashlight. This tool is often needed by doctors to check the patient’s ears, eyes and nose. Doctors are required to have this tool so that whenever needed, it can be quickly used.

5. Blood pressure measurement/ Tensimeter

Tensimeter is also a tool that is often used by doctors. Not only doctors, but all medical personnel such as nurses and midwives will often use this tool. The use of this tool is to check blood pressure.

In its development, this tensimeter has a digital model. So the tool will show the numbers that show the patient’s blood pressure.

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6. Balance.

Yes, this is a tool that is always in the doctor’s office. Its use is to measure the patient’s weight. In addition to the scales, in the doctor’s office there is usually a height gauge. Before being examined, each patient will usually have their body weight checked, including their blood pressure.

Yes, that is the most commonly used medical instrument. Every doctor must have this tool to use when examining patients.

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