Google Will Close Adsense Mobile Next Year, Switch To PWA Technology

Google AdSense is the largest platform of web advertising services available today. Adsense is arguably the first solution that comes to mind when displaying ads on a website. If the reader has displayed ad services on his website, it is very likely that the reader has already tried using AdSense.

To help users who either market their ads or users who display ads see the performance statistics of their ads, Google has prepared a dashboard. During this time there are two choices to see the dashboard, namely through the web and mobile applications (Android and iOS). Through a blog post, Google announced the closure of the AdSense Mobile application even though 70% of users access this dashboard service from mobile.

Switch to PWA

Seventy percent of users are a very large number. Shutting down the mobile application service where there are 70% of users is a strange decision right? However, this decision was made because Google wanted to switch from native applications to web applications by utilizing Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) and Progressive Web Apps (PWA) technologies. So, by closing the AdSense Mobile application, it doesn’t mean that Google doesn’t care about mobile users, but because they want users to access the AdSense dashboard from just one source, the web.

What are Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) and Progressive Web Apps (PWA)

What is actually the Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) and Progressive Web Apps (PWA) technology that Google wants to use?

Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) is a project undertaken by Google and Twitter that aims to make the web faster. AMP simply forces a website to prepare a “minimal” version of the web where the HTML code only uses certain tags, some tags like the form are removed. Not only HTML, CSS also features are trimmed by only having the most important features for presenting a page (color, typography, et al.). By preparing this “minimal” version, a website will have a smaller size, faster access, and easier to cache.

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Then what about Progressive Web Apps (PWA)?

Progressive Web Apps (PWA) is a collection of technologies that can make web applications behave like mobile applications. For example, it has a splash screen, can be installed to the front page (home screen), the display is available instantly (without waiting at the start), can be accessed while offline, etc. In essence, PWA aims for users who use their web applications to feel like using native applications that are installed through the Play Store.

When is AdSense Mobile Closed?

The iOS and Android AdSense applications will be phased out starting in August and will be removed from the Play Store / App Store at the end of 2019. Now, we are just waiting for the official announcement of a web interface that has been optimized for mobile users.

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