What is Landing Page?

Your online store doesn’t have a landing page ? Oh, what a shame! In fact, landing pages can help you make more dollars from your online store website. But for a moment…. Maybe you don’t know what a landing page is?

In this article, you will find explanations from A to Z about landing pages. First, we will first understand the definition of a landing page and its function. After that, you will get more in-depth information. 

An explanation of the difference between a landing page and a homepage will also be discussed. Likewise with the types of landing pages that are often used. 

Because we want this explanation to be complete, we also don’t forget to include examples of landing pages. From that example, we hope you can be inspired to create a landing page for your own business.

Finally, you’ll also find at a glance how to create a landing page. Plus, there are a few tips that can help you create a money-making landing page.

Without further ado, let’s peel all the things about landing pages

What is a Landing Page?

landing page

A landing page is a page on a website that is specially designed with a marketing mindset in mind . This page is displayed when visitors access the website from paid search results ( paid search ).

Difference between Landing Page and Homepage

Talking about the difference between a landing page and a homepage is easy. However, revealing the difference between the two directly will not make you understand the concept behind it.

Therefore, we will briefly discuss how the homepage and landing page work. To make it easier, we will discuss from the search results page or search engine result page.

The average Google search result display looks like the one above. There are at least four elements on the page, namely:

  1. Paid search results (Google Ads, Search Campaign)
  2. Paid search results (Google Ads, Shopping Campaign)
  3. Featured snippets
  4. Organic search results

Organic search results and featured snippets (numbers 3 and 4) are a little tricky for you to intervene. Only websites that are quality and SEO-optimized on site and off page can occupy both parts.

It’s different with the paid search results in numbers 1 and 2. You can prepare a special page so that users are interested in buying after clicking on your business ad. 

That’s why if you still don’t have a landing page, there is a high chance that your online store will be abandoned by potential customers.

The function of the landing page is what distinguishes it from the homepage. While the landing page has two specific tasks, the homepage function has a more general task.

If likened to a house, the homepage is the front porch of your residence. It is the face of “home”. A thing that attracts visitors to come and visit.

Therefore, the veranda of the house has so many decorations. On the web, this decoration can take the form of various navigation buttons, visual displays, and text.

Unlike the case with a specific landing page. Landing pages can be likened to special rooms in the house. Whether it’s the living room, family room, kitchen, bedroom, or bathroom. In essence, landing pages only have one specific function.

Enough with the parables. So, here’s the difference between a landing page and a homepage:

Homepage Characteristics :

  • Usually contains the main display of a website;
  • It is generally the first page seen when opening a website;
  • Display navigation buttons and URLs to important pages on the website;
  • It is a storefront for customers to learn about all the products and services offered.
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Landing Page Characteristics:

  • Landing page is a page that has a special function on the website; 
  • Encourage users to focus on one product and quickly make transactions on the website. 
  • Invite the user to perform a specific action. For example, buying a product, filling out a form, or studying the information provided.

Now, you understand the difference between a homepage and a landing page. So that your understanding is deeper, in the next section we will discuss the types of landing pages.

Landing Page Function

Based on the type, there are two main functions of landing pages. First, landing pages can be used to collect data on potential visitors or leads. These leads are what the business looks after. Then these potential customers are expected to make purchases in the future.
Second, landing pages can also serve to speed up transactions. This page is minimal distraction from menus and other navigation buttons. In other words, the landing page provides a special avenue for visitors to access the product or service they want to buy.

Types of Landing Pages

In general, there are two types of landing pages. The first is lead generation landing pages (sometimes called lead gen or lead capture pages ). Then the second is click-through landing pages. Here is a brief explanation:

Lead generation landing pages function to collect prospective customer data. Mainly, data in the form of names and email addresses. Both of these data will then be stored and used by businesses to maintain relationships with potential customers. 

It is through this email address that business owners usually send various promo and discount info, news, blog articles, and other content (ebooks, checklists, and other downloadable materials). This kind of practice is commonly used in B2B marketing models. The same is often used in businesses with high-cost products or services.

Click-through landing pages are usually used in e-commerce or B2C marketing models. The displayed page usually only makes one simple button. The button often contains words such as “Choose Now”, “Buy Now”, “Shop Now” and so on.

This kind of page leads visitors to immediately make purchases on the website. Limited navigation buttons reduce the possibility of visitors to “jump” to other pages.

Landing Page Examples

We have already talked about what a landing page is, its function, the difference between a homepage and a landing page, and its types. But it seems, the discussion will not be complete without examples of slick landing pages.

Here we include some examples of inspiring landing pages. We will also review why landing page designs should be used as inspiration.



Airbnb is a property rental platform. This startup works as a broker between property owners and anyone who is interested in using the property.

Recently, Airbnb has also expanded in other directions. Not just properties, now all travel experiences can be arranged with Airbnb. Starting from culinary tours, cooking classes, concerts, touring , to travel experiences that have a social impact.

Everything can be arranged through Airbnb.

Now, it’s time to talk about landing pages. The image above is the landing page for an Airbnb partner. On the right, you can check the approximate amount of money you can make renting a property through Airbnb.

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Tips for creating an Airbnb-style landing page:

  • Display photos of human interaction when you intend to invite users to join your program.
  • Objects placed on the left will be the focus of the user. So, determine what points you want to highlight from your business. 
  • Create a form with short fields. This kind of format increases the user’s desire to fill it.

Neil Patel

Neil Patel

Who doesn’t know Neil Patel? He is a writer and marketer who is very influential in the world. The Wall Street Journal calls him in the ranks of influencers in the field of marketing, especially via the web.

Entrepreneur Magazine included Neil Patel’s company in its list of 100 brilliant companies. He was also named as 100 successful entrepreneurs under the age of 30 by President Barack Obama. Neil Patel is also on the United Nations list of 100 successful entrepreneurs under the age of 35.

On his website, Neil Patel presents various tools for marketing. Mainly, all the tools used to optimize the performance of business websites.

Neil Patel’s landing page is a type of lead generation landing page. He invite visitors to fill in the provided email fields. Later, it is through this email address that visitors get various insights and tips that are sent directly to the inbox.

Tips for creating a Neil Patel landing page:

  • Create a landing page with simple, unique illustrations, while increasing the sense of participation from visitors.
  • Illustrations of a lucky wheel or similar games can increase the rush of visitors to follow the offered offer. 
  • Make headlines that are short, concise, but promising.
  • Include additional information at the bottom. This is to avoid you from being accused of “scam” because of the win the prize frill .
  • Also attach the URL to the privacy policy page and terms of service. Both are important especially if your business audience is an international segment.



Uniqlo is an international clothing brand that is quite popular among young people. He is famous for his simple, versatile , clean clothes , and is suitable for both men and women.

The popularity of this clothing brand from the Land of Sakura has also spread to many countries. Starting from Canada, Bangladesh, China, Germany, India, Indonesia, and 17 other countries.

For the landing page itself, Uniqlo consistently carries a simple feel. With a white background, Uniqlo places its logo at the top. Then, there is an invitation to fill in the email column.

As usual, that’s where Uniqlo gets the data to send you the latest news and promotions for its products. Not to forget, Uniqlo also provides promo options and what products you want.

Tips for creating a Uniqlo-style landing page:

  • Customize the appearance of the landing page with your business branding.
  • Show the logo if the landing page design is very simple. At the very least, the logo will make the display easier to remember.
  • Provide promotional options for potential customers. That way, potential customers will only get the most relevant and desired info.
  • Uniqlo’s “male” and “female” options can also be adapted



Mailchimp is a digital marketing platform. Through Mailchimp, you can create various elements of online marketing. For example, visual social media content, landing pages, emails, postcards, and so on.

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However, Mailchimp is not just a platform for creating digital marketing content. In it, you can see if the content created is responding well to analytics. That way, you can carry out marketing strategies effectively and optimally.

However, Mailchimp is still a “design” platform. And that’s the impression that can’t be separated from the landing page.

The Mailchimp landing page consists of a distinctive yellow background, a large font headline, few sub-headlines, and slick and memorable visuals. Very aesthetic, isn’t it?

Tips for creating a Mailchimp-style landing page:

  • Use a color combination that still matches the feel of the logo. This can display a simple and distinctive impression without having to add a logo.
  • Headlines with large fonts can quickly grab the attention of users. Especially if the intended headline is in the form of a question sentence.
  • Give additional captions in the sub-headlines. This is necessary so that potential customers are convinced or know very well what your business has to offer.
  • Unique visuals help visitors not to quickly leave the landing pages.



In the world of digital marketing, Hubspot is a company that cannot be underestimated. He is well-known as a developer and marketer who produces various software related to inbound marketing and sales.

However, in addition to selling its products, Hubspot is also famous for a variety of content and insights that can be accessed for free. This company provides various articles, analysis, and tips that can be applied in business.

This point invites many potential users to access Hubspot. Don’t waste this opportunity, be a landing page to try Hubspot for free.

Tips for creating a Hubspot-style landing page:

  • Put all the important elements on the left of the screen.
  • Write a headline that is short, concise, and makes the user curious.
  • Explain the features and advantages of your business in clear and simple language.
  • Illustrations in cartoon form can add a fun element to your landing pages.

How to Create a Landing Page 

Yes! You are already full of inspiration. You should have felt the passion to create a landing page for your business website.

Only one question arises in your mind. How to?

It’s really easy. You just need to install one website builder plugin on a WordPress-based website. In the WordPress Repository itself, there are many choices of plugins to easily tweak the appearance of the website.

Ready to Create a Landing Page?

Finally we come to the end of the article. Are you looking forward to creating your own business landing page? If so, great! Hopefully this article can help you in every way. Well what is a landing page. understand the function of the landing page, get inspiration for the appearance of the landing page, to practical insight into a design.

If you happen to be new to online stores, all of the information above can be overwhelming . Therefore, try to check the tutorial on creating an online store to understand the ins and outs of the business world and online marketing. Also make sure you subscribe to Niagahoster web hosting to get the best store website performance.

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