What is an Analogy?

Good morning friend, on this occasion we will learn together what is Analogy which is one of the many rhetorical devices in English along with several examples.

Understanding the concept of Analogy in my opinion is very important for everyone, because based on its nature, an Analogy can help us in simplifying concepts that are difficult or too complex to understand.

During this time, I am sure we have heard the term Analogy in our daily lives. But, do we really know what is meant by Analogy? And what for example.

Now, to begin the discussion of our material this time, I will give an example of Analogy which I am sure we have all heard of. The analogy I mean is “Life is like a Race” or in Indonesian we translate it with “Life is like a race”.How buddy? Have you ever heard of the Analogy example above?

I’m sure now you have started to have your own picture in your mind about what Analogy really looks like. If so, let’s just read a brief explanation of Analogy and the following example.

Definition of Analogy

Analogy is a comparison between two things in order to show the similarities between the two. Usually what is compared in an Analogy is a concept that is considered difficult to understand with another concept that is considered easier to understand, because according to its purpose or function, an Analogy is used to “simplify” complex things.

Analogy turns out to be often considered the same as the other two figurative languages ​​in English which are also comparative namely Simile and Metaphor. I think this opinion is not wrong, but for those who consider the three as different things, in my opinion the opinion is also very reasonable, because it turns out the establishment of an Analogy is inseparable from the use of Simile or Metaphor.

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Citing the definition of Analogy on the literarydevices (dot) net website stating that “Metaphors and Similes are tools used to draw an Analogy”, this shows that the scope of the Analogy is broader when compared to Metaphor or Simile, but both are elements used in the process the formation of the Analogy.

The important thing to remember when discussing Analogy is: 1. Analogy compares two very different things or concepts, and 2. The purpose of an Analogy is an “explanation” or explanation of a concept so that the concept can be understood more easily by how to compare it with something that is more familiar or better known by the reader.

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Analogy Example In English

Some examples of the following analogy I take from Analogy in Indonesian. I hope this will make it easier for all of you to understand the concept of Analogy more deeply.

“Finding the right person is like finding a Needle in a Haystack.”

“As useless as throwing salt into the ocean.”

“Just as the night comes when it is the time, everything will happen on the right time.”

“The tongue is as sharp as a sword”

“Just like the water ended up in the ocean, life will always find its way.”

Okay, friend, that’s a brief explanation of the meaning of analogy and examples in English, hopefully useful and can be understood easily. Thank you for taking the time to read this article until the end, see you later in another interesting article.

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