25 Quality Free Backlink Profiles To Increase DA PA

In this article, I will share free, really high-quality free backlink profiles sources that you can use to increase DA (domain authority) and PA (Page Authority) so that they have more authority in the eyes of search engines like Google so that your site will be trusted to occupy page positions. main in search results.

How to Get Profile Backlinks

The way to get a backlink profile is also very easy. You just need to be patient to do each registration on each site that I will share and embed backlinks one by one on these sites.

Since it is free and has a great effect on your blog or website, I suggest you to put your links in diligently to get the positive effects of something free.

  • First step : All you need to do is register on a website that provides a field for you to create a personal profile using your email address.
  • The second step : you fill in all the required profile fields according to your personal data (not necessarily original).
  • Step three : Fill in the description with a few words that describe yourself or even about your website.
  • The fourth step : Find a column to place the URL of your blog or website it usually says “Add Website” or “Add URL”. If it doesn’t exist, you can write a URL in the description field which will become the active URL and become a backlink that points to your site, if the link is not active use the html code.

What To Do After Backlinks Are Embedded?

After you create all the free profile backlinks, don’t forget to save each profile URL in notepad or excel. You can save this list to carry out the next process that is no less important so that the backlink works well.

This backlink profile will have an impact in a rather long time, namely one month or even up to three months. To speed up this process you can ping all the free backlink profiles URLs that you have created.

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To ping each URL backlink profile, I usually use a tool called Pingler which you can access via the following address: https://pingler.com/

Please enter keywords in the left column and the backlink URLs that you have saved on the right one by one. And don’t forget to select one or more categories at once in the Category column. And click the “Ping!” button.

Free Backlink Profiles

Then a page like the following will appear and wait a while until the ping process is complete. And do not leave the page because if you move to another tab then the ping process will not run. Although sometimes it looks like a waiting time of 2 minutes, the process will only run for about 20 seconds.

Ping Process

And when it’s finished, you will see the OK status as shown below:

Free Backlink Profiles

And remember, if you use this free ping service, it’s only limited to about 8 pings a day. So do this process until it’s done a few days for all the free backlink profiles URLs that you created earlier.

This ping process is useful for telling search engines like Google to index all URLs so they can appear in search engines so that it has an impact on increasing rankings and SEO on your website or blog.

25 List of Free Backlink Profiles Sites

The list of backlink sites below has a very high DA PA and many dofollow backlinks. Although some of the nofollow backlinks will still have a good effect on your website or blog. So, please register one by one patiently to get free backlinks that will increase the DA PA value on your blog or website.

NumberWebsite AddressDAPABacklink Type

That’s a list of websites that you can use to embed a backlink profile for free and of high quality. As I explained above, all you need to do is register and create your profile on the website.

The most important thing you have to remember is to make your profile as attractive as possible and don’t look like someone who just wants to plant backlinks, this needs to be done so that your account is not deleted and your backlink URL is not banned.

If you feel the way above is too long for you to do and a waste of your time. I recommend buying backlink profiles that are widely sold on Fiverr . Of course you just have to pay and wait for the backlink work to be done by someone else and get more backlinks for around $10 to $15 very quickly and increase your blog’s DA PA instantly.

And those are some sources of free profile backlinks that I can share with you. If I have other additional lists, I will update this article in the future. Hopefully this article is useful and good luck hopefully your site also gets a good ranking in search engines.

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