The Future of Lithium-Ion Batteries: Advancements and Challenges

The Future of Lithium-Ion Batteries: Advancements and Challenges

Lithium-ion batteries are rechargeable batteries that have become ubiquitous in our modern world, powering a wide range of portable devices such as smartphones, laptops, and electric vehicles. They are lightweight, high-energy-density batteries that provide reliable power for a range of applications. Lithium-ion batteries have become increasingly important in many industries, including consumer electronics, automotive, and renewable energy. In consumer electronics, they have enabled the development of smaller, more powerful devices with longer battery life. In the automotive industry, they are powering the shift towards electric vehicles, and in renewable energy, they are playing a key role in enabling the transition … Read more

Power Your Drive: The Best Batteries for Electric Cars

Batteries for Electric Cars

Electric cars are becoming increasingly popular as people look for ways to reduce their carbon footprint and save on fuel costs. One of the key components of an electric car is the battery, which powers the motor and allows the car to travel. But with so many different types of batteries available, it can be difficult to know which one is best for your electric car. In this comprehensive guide, we’ll explore the pros and cons of different battery types and provide recommendations for the best batteries for electric cars. Breaking Down the Best: A Guide to 4 Popular Electric … Read more

The Induction Motor Explained: An Introduction to Its Design and Function

What Is Induction Motor And How It Work

Induction Motor is ? Following are the definitions, types, characteristics and working principles of induction motors with examples An induction motor, also known as an asynchronous motor, is an AC electric motor that is commonly used in society. So called because these devices operate at a speed less than their synchronous speed. Then, the need for electric current in the rotor to produce torque is obtained through the electromagnetic induction phase from the rotating magnetic field in the stator winding. Then what exactly is the definition of an induction motor according to the branch of electrical engineering? Definition of Induction … Read more

Understanding Microcontrollers and Their Functions : The Ultimate Guide

Understanding Microcontroller and Its Function

Microcontroller is? Understanding what is a microcontroller according to experts Types of Microcontroller Components and Functions In the field of computers and electronics, there is a chip called a microcontroller. Many people misinterpret that this chip is the same as a microprocessor, namely the CPU in a computer. In general, a microcontroller is a chip that contains all the components and functions of the CPU. For convenience, this chip is called a mini computer because it has all the features and components such as RAM, ports, and more. However, the microcontroller has process and work limitations. Even though it is … Read more

What is Coaxial Cable, Function, Type and Price

What is Coaxial Cable, Function, Type and Price

  Coaxial cable is a medium for transmitting data or information through electrical signals. For more details, we will discuss in full, starting from the understanding, functions, types, advantages and disadvantages of coaxial cable in this article. Look carefully at the following material! Coaxial cable is a means of transmitting information or data through electrical signals. Where the coaxial cable will later become a medium in the process of distributing data using electrical signals. The development of this type of cable itself started in 1920. And of course until now its use is still being developed with various specifications that make it easier. … Read more

What Is a Hydraulic System? Take a peek at the definition and how it works

What Is a Hydraulic System

What is a hydraulic system? The hydraulic system is one of the mechanical techniques that is driven by hydraulic oil (fluid). Hydraulic oil is used as the primary power source in operating the machine attachments so they can work according to their axis. Until now, the need for hydraulics continues to penetrate various corporate sectors, from the automotive business to everyday life. Directly, a hydraulic system provides fresh air to business activists to achieve work efficiency. No doubt that the need for hydraulics is now increasing rapidly in various urban areas. Among them are hoses, pipe crimping, hydraulic pumps, filter elements, … Read more

7 Components of an Electric Motor and Their Functions

Get to know DC Motors, How They Work and Types

Electric motor components – Have you ever noticed a blender, or a fan. Why these components can rotate? If you are curious, don’t worry, because this time we will discuss the working principles and components of electric motors and their functions. In the world of electronics, electric motors are components that cannot be separated. This also applies to the automotive world. Electric motors can not be separated in a car or motorcycle. Examples of the use of electric motors in cars, you can see in the starter system , Cooling Fan , and power windows. While in general, electric motors will be very easy for us to meet in everyday … Read more

How Electric Cars Work, Important Components and Their Types

How Electric Cars Work, Important Components and Their Types

Electric cars have a different way of working when compared to conventional engined vehicles. The propulsion system is simpler, and there are several types. Over time the trend of electric cars is increasing. Many manufacturers are starting to release electrified products. Coupled with the support of the Indonesian government through infrastructure development and tax incentives for electric cars. One of the attractions of electric cars is that they are more environmentally friendly than cars with internal combustion systems or internal combustion engines (ICE). Electric cars do not produce exhaust emissions, are quiet when driven, and their performance can compete with ICE cars. Important Components … Read more

Ammeter: Definition, Function, How it Works

Ammeter: Definition, Function, Part Drawing, How it Works

If you are familiar with the world of electricity, you must be familiar with an ammeter, right? Where this one measuring instrument has a somewhat important role in electricity needs. An ammeter can measure how much electric current flows in the circuit. So, the size of the strong current in the electrical network can be read using this one tool. Let’s find out more about what an ammeter is. It is not only about the general understanding but also the function, how to work, and how to use and read it. Check out more information in the following article! Definition … Read more

Diagram of the OCL 150 Watt Mono and Stereo Amplifier Circuit

Diagram of the OCL 150 Watt Mono and Stereo Amplifier Circuit

The power amplifier circuit is an electronic circuit consisting of passive components and an amplifier that functions to amplify the input signal.  The input signal in question is sound coming from a microphone, radio frequency or from a digital file that is converted to an analog signal. The components used in the power amplifier circuit are active components such as transistors. The transistor in the amplifier circuit works in the active region, between saturation and cut-off. Amplifier circuits are built using several different systems. The most popular systems include Output Transformer Less (OTL), Output Capacitor Less (OCL) and Bridge Tiel Load (BTL). The diagram below uses the OCL system. … Read more

Understanding the Basics of DC Motors: A Comprehensive Guide

Get to know DC Motors, How They Work and Types

Get to know DC Motors, How They Work and Types. DC motor or also called direct current motor is a type of actuator or drive that converts electrical energy into mechanical movement. In contrast to AC electric motors which use one phase or three phases, this system uses Direct Current (DC) in its operation. DC motors have been widely used in all aspects of life in the world, starting from computer or smartphone technology, the health sector, agriculture, fisheries and mining, both on an industrial and household scale. This relates to the function and application of the DC motor. DC … Read more

Dynamos 101: An Introduction to Their Types, Components, and Working Principles


Dynamo: Definition, Functions, Components, Types, Working Principles In general, a dynamo is a device useful for generating electrical energy, from which it was initially in the form of mechanical energy. The use of dynamo in electronic circuits themselves is pretty widespread. One of them is used in power generators, for example, as found in hydropower or PLTU. The following article will thoroughly discuss the function of the dynamo, its components, types, and how the tool works. Take advantage of the complete information below. What Is a Dynamo? A Definition and Explanation Dynamo is a tool that functions to convert mechanical energy … Read more

BMS 101: How the Battery Management System Keeps Your Electric Car Running Smoothly

Battery BMS, Functions and How the Battery Management System Works

Battery BMS, Functions and How Battery Management Systems Work. Lithium type batteries are usually structured to produce the desired voltage and capacity. Since the average voltage of a lithium battery is 3.7V, a 3S (in series) arrangement is required to produce 12V. So that the voltage and current of this battery arrangement can be balanced, a system that can regulate it is needed, which is called BMS. So  a battery management system  (BMS) is a device used for balancing, monitoring and protecting batteries that are arranged in series or stacked batteries. BMS is equipped with  passive cell balancing , voltage … Read more

BLDC Motor (Brusless Dynamo), How a BLDC Dynamo Works and Its Construction

BLDC Motor (Brusless Dynamo), How a BLDC Dynamo Works and Its Construction

BLDC Motor (Brusless Dynamo) , How a BLDC Dynamo Works and Its Construction. Electric motors are developed in various special types, such as stepper motors, servo motors, permanent magnet motors, etc. Brushless DC motors or BLDC motors are the most suitable for applications requiring high, high efficiency, more torque per weight, etc. This article describes the BLDC motor in detail. BLDC Motor Construction The commutator brush arrangement helps in achieving unidirectional torque in ordinary dc motors. Obviously, the commutator and brush arrangement are omitted in brushless dc motors. An integrated inverter/switching circuit is used to achieve unidirectional torque. That is … Read more

5 Cisco Certifications for Your Career

5 Cisco Certifications for Your Career

Did you know, Cisco has several levels of certification, now there are 5 levels of certification, starting at the Entry (CCENT), Associate (CCNA), Professional (CCNP), Expert (CCIE) and Architect (CCA) levels. From that level it is still divided into several specialist sections (concentrations) such as Network Security , Service Provider , Routing and Switching , Storage Networking , wireless and so on. 1. CCENT (Cisco Certified Entry Networking Technician) CCENT is the lowest level of Cisco certification. In this certification, candidates are expected to have the competence to deploy, run and troubleshoot small-scale enterprise networks. Basically, the curriculum offered covers Fundamental Networking, WAN technology, basic Network Security and Wireless, Routing and Switching designs … Read more

10 Lightest & Fast Android Emulators for PC / Laptop

10 Lightest & Fast Android Emulators for PC / Laptop

Are you looking for a way to play Android games like PUBG Mobile or Mobile Legends on your PC, even if you have low specifications? Don’t worry; several lightweight Android emulators are available for PCs and laptops with as little as 2GB of RAM. These emulators allow you to play Android games using a keyboard and mouse, giving you a seamless gaming experience. Here are our recommendations for the best options to consider. List of the Best Lightweight and Fastest Android Emulators As We have stated above, the choice of the lightest and fastest Android emulator below can be aimed … Read more

What is Magnetic Stirrer and Its Function?

Working Principle of Magnetic Strrier

Definition and function of magnetic stirrer – In the laboratory, usually a researcher often performs various practicums. Researchers often mix chemical solutions in a beaker for analysis. The substances to be dissolved must be mixed until homogeneous or completely mixed. To get this perfection, a researcher needs a stirrer called a magnetic stirrer . Before using this tool, a researcher needs to understand the meaning and function of the magnetic stirrer in order to use this tool optimally. This tool is used by researchers because to dissolve chemical liquids researchers must be able to stir constantly. This is not possible … Read more

Recommended Linux Distro 2023 for You to Try!

Elementary OS linux 2022

Linux is an operating system that is quite commonly encountered and used by many people besides Windows and Mac OS. Linux is a reliable and secure operating system because the ecosystem is currently growing. In addition, Linux is an operating system that can be modified, used, and distributed freely by anyone. Are you one of the many people who use linux? If so, then you are definitely familiar with the term Linux distribution. What is a linux distro? And what are the kinds of linux distros? Check out the explanations and recommendations for the best Linux distributions in 2023. What are Linux Distros? Linux distributions … Read more

10 High-Paying Data Analytics Careers (January 2023)

High-Paying Data Analytics Careers

Now is a great time to pursue a career in data analytics or data science. These fields are growing rapidly, with a predicted 31% growth over the next decade. Opportunities are available in a variety of industries and often offer the benefits of remote work, flexible schedules, and self-employment. Data analytics professionals often earn high median salaries, even at entry-level positions. In order to succeed in data analytics or data science, it is important to have a strong foundation in math, statistics, and programming, and to be continually learning and adapting to new technologies. These skills are highly valued not … Read more

The Best Universities Offering Online Courses from Around the World

The Best Universities Offering Online Courses

Online universities have made it possible for people to obtain a high-quality education regardless of their location or financial situation. The development of online course has become a key element in this process as it allows universities to create and deliver interactive and engaging content to students worldwide, making education more accessible and convenient than ever before. In addition, the availability of online degrees has expanded the pool of qualified professionals in various fields, leading to an increase in job opportunities for those who have completed online degree programs. As a result, online education has not only made it easier … Read more