Understanding the Functions of a Knee Corset or Decker

Understanding the Functions of a Knee Corset or Decker

In this article, matob will discuss about the function of knee corset and why should you use it. Check this out.

Human daily activities require good mobilization or body movement, one part of the body that plays a role is the feet with activities such as walking, running, driving, to exercising. In these activities, foot mobilization must have the best possible performance in order to provide comfort and not interfere with these activities. Poor performance can cause discomfort such as pain, sprains, injuries, to joint damage.

The knee of the foot is an important part because the knee supports the weight of the body, if the knee has poor performance, it will certainly interfere and complicate daily activities. So it becomes important to prevent or treat conditions that can interfere with the performance of the knee.

Why should you use medical knee corsets

In certain conditions and purposes, some people use a support device in the form of a knee corset to improve knee performance. Please note that the knee girdle has several functions related to the condition of the knee when using it and the purpose of its use, which are described as follows:

Prophylaxis or Prevention

In a prophylactic function, the knee girdle serves to protect a healthy knee from pressure or heavy loads during activities and to prevent or reduce the risk of injury. Injuries that very often occur are at the joint of the knee or what is often called the ligament. In sports activities such as running, jumping, and lifting weights, this corset protects the sides of the ligaments to keep them stable and protected from external pressure. This benefit is felt by athletes who pursue sports every day. To prevent knee injuries, it is not enough just to use a knee girdle, but must be accompanied by the right exercises and techniques so that the movements do not injure the knee.

In addition, some knee girdles can increase blood flow and reduce knee pain during or after activities. This knee corset can also be used to limit the movement of the knee bones when riding. Also improves the ability to maintain body balance, for example for the purpose of standing on one leg.


The knee corset can also function as a knee protector that has been injured before so as not to suffer another injury. A knee corset can stabilize an unstable knee due to an injury and control movement to avoid additional injury. Many athletes use knee corsets to protect their knee joints that have healed from previous major injuries.

In addition, the knee corset can also relieve knee osteoarthritis pain because basically the knee corset helps realign the knee, removing pressure from the damaged knee area to relieve pain and restore knee function. A knee corset is one of the non-surgical ways to treat knee osteoarthritis and/or delay the need for joint replacement surgery in osteoarthritis patients.

Rehabilitation or Recovery

In addition to preventive and functional functions, the knee girdle serves as a protector when the knee has just been injured or after surgery. Its use is intended to protect the knee structure from heavy loads and keep the knee stable during healing, so this knee girdle is designed in such a way that allows limited knee movement.

In addition, it should be noted that the use of a corset should be for the purpose of preventing or treating knee injuries. Not make the knee corset as a support. You need to stick to a training program to repair the injury by changing the intensity of the activity little by little to avoid putting too much stress on the knee.