14 Websites to Learn JavaScript from Beginner to Expert in 2022

Programming is one of the fields that many people are interested in, especially millennials. Various companies and business owners are now increasingly aware of the importance of having a professional website as well as its own application.

For this reason, the demand for professional programmers is increasing. But we all benefit from living in a technology world where we can have access to learn to many sources such as free tutorials, free course sites, and also free books that have been spread on the internet.

We can access these resources anywhere and anytime, making it easier for us in the learning process. Have you ever thought about learning coding? One of the most popular and popular languages ​​is Javascript.

Interested in learning Javascript? If you are interested in learning Javascript, We has several recommendations for complete javascript learning website that you can use.

Recommended Online Javascript Learning Sites

To learn Javascript, you can go to several sites or free courses that you can use.

We will recommend a complete javascript learning site that you can use according to your level, starting from beginner, intermediate, and advanced learning javascript.

Beginner’s Javascript Learning Site

1. Introduction to Javascript from Codecademy

Introduction to Javascript from Codecademy

Codecademy is a startup that focuses on teaching how to code and also creating better and interactive learning.

Codecademy is the best site if you want to learn JavaScript from scratch, it can be seen from the number of users who take this course, which is around 5 million more. Some of the advantages that Codecademy has are:

  • Have content that is simple and easy to understand because they break down content into short segments that keep you focused on the material at hand.
  • Equipped with interactive code editor and console features in the browser that you can use to practice the material given directly so that you don’t just consume material that can be boring.
  • Gamification where you will get badges every time you complete a part of the course which will definitely make you more challenged.
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2. Free Javascript Tutorial from Udemy

 Free Javascript Tutorial from Udemy

Udemy is a learning platform with many categories, from design, marketing, to coding courses.

Udemy is a platform that carries online courses with very diverse categories.

One of the advantages is that it supports teachers to share knowledge and create material that can be published online after passing a quality check. Other advantages of Udemy are:

  • Has many promo codes that you can use to buy online classes.
  • Allows teachers and students to interact directly even though online.
  • Courses that can be unlocked forever.
  • Learning javascript is more interesting with the interactive code provided.

3. Javascript Guide from Freecodecamp.org

Javascript Guide from Freecodecamp.org

Being one of the awesome community sites because it helps you to learn coding for free, build projects, and even you can get a job as a developer.

Many have a collection of materials such as Javascript, frontend programming, algorithms, and so on.

The advantage of this site is that it has a large Facebook group so you can ask questions if you feel difficult and share learning experiences.

In addition, he also has a YouTube account that has hundreds of free video courses on various topics.

4. Programming Foundations with Javascript from Coursera

 Programming Foundations with Javascript from Coursera

Coursera is a learning site that not only discusses javascript, but there are many other topics in it such as HTML, CSS, and many more.

In addition to getting free learning, you can also get a free certificate that you can use.

You will get several benefits if you can complete the course such as you can create interactive web with Javascript commands, think critically in solving programming problems, and you can even get a certificate for free.

5. Pluralsight JavaScript Course

Pluralsight JavaScript Course

Being one of the websites that can be used to learn many technologies such as for website development, mobile, and desktop.

Has some material by discussing various programming languages ​​and frameworks such as React JS, Javascript, Java, Angular, and many others.

If you want to learn javascript for beginners, you can try using this site with a 10 day free trial.

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6. W3School

Surely many of you are familiar with one of these learning sites. Has several topics of discussion such as HTML, CSS, Javascript and many more.

Having thousands of code samples that you can run directly to see the results, besides that it is also equipped with easy-to-understand and complete explanations, making this site quite popular with many people.

7. JavaScript tutorials from the Mozilla Developer Network

JavaScript tutorials from the Mozilla Developer Network

Unlike Codecademy and Udemy which are interactive in delivering material, MDC is more focused on documentation that discusses Javascript in detail and the theory presented is only in writing.

But make no mistake, MDC is a complete documentation site and a suitable site for those of you who are serious and try what you learn independently.

8. Khan Academy

 Khan Academy

Khan Academy is an organization that provides free beginner Javascript learning courses. Not only learning javascript, you can also learn many other materials such as mathematics, art, economics, and finance.

With a complete tutorial to learn javascript, you can learn the DOM and also create animations and effects that you can apply to your website pages so that they look more attractive.

Intermediate Javascript Learning Site

1. CoderByte

CoderByte is a challenging site suitable for those of you who have intermediate skills in Javascript. This site has more than 200 challenges covering more than 10 programming languages.

With an online editor that you can use to type the solution according to your opinion.

This site also provides official solutions that aim to improve accuracy.

The challenges in CoderByte are ideal for job interview preparation and short programming courses that can be used to sharpen your coding skills.

2. Prep Online Bootcamp

This course has 40 content that covers the basics of javascript which is equipped with various challenges with an intermediate level of difficulty that you can complete anyway and also tutorials from the instructor that you can take advantage of as well.

If you’re looking for more in depth Javascript tutorials, you should commit to taking Fullstack Academy further.

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3. Eloquent Javascript from Marijn Haverbeke

Eloquent Javascript is not a tutorial in the form of a website, but a tutorial in the form of a book that discusses Javascript.

The discussion covers Javascript syntax, functionality, loops and arrays, and last but not least, the data structures used such as numbers, booleans, and strings.

In the next chapter you will learn intermediate level Javascript because it will discuss some of the methods used such as POST, GET, PUT, and DELETE which are used to request data, modify data, send data, and delete it.

With further discussion about Node.JS and other backend and server technologies.

Advanced Javascript Learning Site

1. Udemy

Udemy also has online classes to learn advanced Javascript! But for this advanced online class you have to spend money and it is not free like at the beginner level. With complete material and interactive learning that will make it easier for you to learn.

2. Egghead.io

A learning website that has the slogan “Life’s too short for any of those other resources on the internet—just watch these videos” .

This website provides various kinds of advanced Javascript learning videos to improve your skills. You can access some videos for free or you can also subscribe to get more complete videos.

3. Video by Douglas Crockford

When he was an employee at Yahoo, Douglas Crockford created a complete Javascript learning series on website creation, Javascript implementation, and also how to increase the popularity of your website.

Just choose which one is right for you!

From some of the recommendations that We gave regarding a complete javascript learning website. You can choose which site you will use according to your skill level and understanding of Javascript that you already have.

If you are a beginner javascript learner, then We recommends the Codecademy and Udemy sites because they have a variety of interactive and complete materials. Good luck with our recommendations!

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